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Gigi Croom, Owner/Publisher

Gigi Croom, Owner/Publisher

Gigi Croom is the Owner/CEO and founder of Croom Multi-Media Communications and its’ subsidiary, Her more than 30-year media career spans print media, visual media and voiceovers. Her voiceovers are provided worldwide and are currently in 42 countries. Her experience includes The Slidell Times, LA, The Post and Courier, SC, The Washington Times, DC, Legal Video Services, FL, Freedom Communications/, NC, and The Villages Daily Sun, FL. From positions as Administrative Manager to Chief Operations Officer, her management, organization and creative skills expanded her clientele worldwide.

Larry D. Croom, COO/Content Director

Larry D. Croom, Jr., COO/Content Director

Larry D. Croom is the COO and content director of Croom Multi-Media Communications and its subsidiary, My He has been a working journalist for close to 40 years, starting his career in California in the 1980s covering large-scale brush fires, the military, law enforcement and county government. He has served as the news editor of a major metro newspaper, the executive editor of five newspapers – including The Fort Pierce/Port St. Lucie Tribune – and the associate publisher of a daily newspaper in North Carolina. He and his teams have won hundreds of journalism awards, including an Edward R. Murrow Award and Two Telly Awards for a year-and-and-a-half long effort telling the stories of veterans in Central Florida. He also has covered a variety of major events including devastating earthquakes, hurricanes, major floods, tornadoes and multiple presidential campaigns.

J. Zachary Dauth, Chief Digital Officer

J. Zachary Dauth, Chief Digital Officer

Zach Dauth is the Chief Digital Officer of both Croom Multi-Media Communications and He’s our Marketing and Promotions Guru. With a strong background in marketing and brand management, Zach instills his love of photography and filmmaking into his work utilizing inspiration from experience. Client success is built upon collaboration with his clients in a cohesive manner. With 10 years of brand marketing and advertising experience, he is steadfast in aligning the vision of his clients to reach their goals. Zach holds a degree in Criminology with emphasis on Homeland Security from St. Leo University in Gainesville, FL. He is also owner of Dauth & Co, a videography, photography and brand strategy firm.

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Content Director Larry D. Croom

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