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Hollywood, Florida: Early Master Planned Community

Hollywood, Florida may be the twelfth largest city in Florida with a population of 146,526, but it also has plenty of historic neighborhoods with small town charm.

It is the second largest city in Broward County. Only Fort Lauderdale is larger.


Joseph W. Young, Jr. first came to south Florida in 1920 from the state of Washington.

He had also lived in California and liked what he had seen of Hollywood, California and the burgeoning movie industry in that state.

He dreamed of creating a motion picture industry on the east coast, and founded Hollywood, Florida in 1920.

Young originally named his town “Hollywood by the Sea”.

His timing coincided with the beginning of a real estate land boom that was sweeping Florida.

Hollywood, Florida Under Construction, 1920s

Unlike many developers of his time, Young had been inspired by professional city planners and decided to design a city that would be not only resident friendly but beautiful.

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