Man nabbed on strangulation charge after battle over missing beard oil

Victim claims she was moving out of residence as 39-year-old choked and bit her

Jeffrey Michael Gehrig

St. Lucie County sheriff’s deputies arrested a 39-year-old man recently after a victim said he became irate over missing beard oil.

The victim said she was in a residence retrieving her belongings so she could move out when Jeffrey Michael Gehrig approached her. She said she told him she didn’t know where the beard oil was and he grabbed her by the throat, pressed his teeth to her left cheekbone and bit her, a report states, adding that the victim said she wasn’t able to breath while being choked.

The victim told deputies that Gehrig’s brother yelled at him to calm down and to “get outside now.” She said Gehrig then exited the residence while yelling, the report says.

A witness told deputies she was concerned about the victim’s safety and was outside the residence when the incident took place. She said she could hear a male yelling and the victim screaming. She said the victim them ran from the residence saying she had been chocked and she observed red marks on her left cheekbone and underneath her jaw, the report says.

Gehrig’s brother told deputies he heard yelling coming from the victim’s bedroom. He said he heard the victim say, “Stop choking me,” so he intervened by telling his brother to “relax” and the victim to get out of the residence, the report says.

Deputies examined the victim and noted a discoloration on her lower right jaw line resembling a thumb print. They also noted a reddish discoloration on her left cheek where she said Gehrig bit her. She was then transported to Lawnwood Medical Center for treatment.

Gehrig was placed under arrest and transported to the St. Lucie County Jail, where he was charged with committing domestic battery by strangulation and violating his probation for failure to appear in court on a petit theft charge. He was being held $100,000 bond on the new charge and no bond on the probation violation, jail records show.

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